DreamiumⓇ COOL VIBES pillow

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Product description

Cool Vibes = smart and perfect bedding products – not too warm, not too cold.


Cool Vibes – Innovative Sleep for your comfort


You can test what helps astronauts in space and scientists in Antarctica in your bedroom with duvets and pillows from the Cool Vibes line by John Cotton. A well-chosen duvet and pillow makes a significant difference to your sleeping comfort, especially if it has moisture-wicking properties. This not only improves its quality, but also effectively regulates body temperature, ensuring optimal conditions and a peaceful night’s rest. Changing your duvet to Cool Vibes will make you get up rested and brimming with energy every morning. The John Cotton Cool Vibes line of duvets and pillows features a soft fabric with PVC fibres that wicks away moisture perfectly to avoid overheating and sweating while you sleep.


PCM fibre sheathing with microcapsules


Your body temperature changes several times during the night. Cool Vibes products with PCM technology guarantee the ultimate in sleep comfort, eliminating overheating and reducing sweating. This allows the sleeping individual to remain in the so-called REM (Eye Movement During Sleep) phase for an extended period of time. Thus sleep becomes healthier and one wakes up more rested. The microcapsules inside the sheathing are capable to store heat energy when there is an excess of it and release heat, when there is not enough of it.


Discover the advantages of the advanced Dreamium® technology!


Innovative Dreamium® technology, which makes the duvets and pillows of the Cool Vibes line up to 30 per cent fluffier than their traditional counterparts, while maintaining excellent durability. In addition, with the same filling weight, duvets made using Dreamium® technology have up to 20 per cent higher thermal insulation than duvets made using the traditional method. In addition, the unique, exceptional quilting holds the filling firmly in place, to prevent it from migrating. Get to know the ultimate in quality without overstretching your budget and see how the technology used in Cool Vibes products can turn your sleep into an extraordinary experience.


Streamline your daily routine!


Textiles Cool Vibes are machine-washable, making it easy to maintain hygiene and freshness. This is particularly important for allergy sufferers, as freshly laundered duvets are free from dust mites, dust, pollen and other allergens. Feel the softness and fluffiness of the duvet and pillow Cool Vibes, finished with an elegant trimming. The soft texture of the material in contact with your skin not only soothes, but also makes you feel comfortable.


John Cotton Europe


For more than 100 years, we have been manufacturing durable and comfortable pillows and duvets which are a daily feature in the homes throughout Europe.





100% polyester with PCM system


100% polyester




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