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Dreamium Line® Bliss – comfort and innovation for your good night’s sleep

Sleep is extremely important for maintaining the body’s general equilibrium. This is not only a time for regeneration, but also a key part of ensuring wellbeing and efficiency in everyday life. In a world where every moment matters, invest in the perfect Dreamium® Bliss pillow and duvet and you’ll see how they improve the quality of your sleep! This choice is not just a matter of convenience – it is a manifestation of your commitment to a lifestyle that is valued as highly as efficiency. Try it out for yourself now and experience a unique comfort that will become an integral part of your everyday life!




Experience the unparalleled comfort of duvets and pillows Dreamium® Bliss with the extraordinary Lafill filling! Not only are these products excellent in terms of comfort, but they also guarantee active temperature control based on the natural heat balance. Thanks to the innovative Lafill filling with PCM technology, the duvet absorbs your body heat and releases it back underneath, providing you with optimal thermal comfort throughout the night. In addition, the natural lyocell fibre used in the filling effectively eliminates moisture, helping to maintain a dry and pleasant sleeping environment while simultaneously improving the skin’s microclimate. Give it a test and experience exceptional sleep quality!


Discover the advantages of the advanced Dreamium® technology!


Duvets and pillows Dreamium® Bliss are manufactured using the innovative Dreamium® technology, which ensures that products are up to 30 per cent fluffier than their traditional counterparts, while maintaining excellent durability. In contrast to conventional manufacturing technologies, duvets made using Dreamium® technology have up to 20 per cent higher thermal insulation at the same filling weight. In addition, the unique quilting patterns give them a unique character. Now, thanks to Dreamium® Bliss products, you can truly experience the ultimate in quality without putting too much strain on your wallet. Find out how technology can help make your sleep an extraordinary experience.

Discover how this combination of innovative solutions in Dreamium® Bliss duvets and pillows will make your sleep not only relaxing, but also perfectly tailored to your individual thermal needs. Try it out today and experience 100 percent customised sleep comfort!

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For more than 100 years, we have been manufacturing durable and comfortable pillows and duvets which are a daily feature in the homes throughout Europe.






100% cotton percale


80% polyester, 20% Tencel viscose with PCM




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