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John Cotton: the sleep expert


For more than 100 years, John Cotton Group, a family-owned business originally founded in the UK, has continued its tradition as a leading manufacturer of natural and synthetic bedroom products. With a global footprint on three continents and in seven countries, including the UK, Australia, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Pakistan and China, the company is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality duvets and pillows.


Expansion and investment in innovation

John Cotton Group is a multinational company operating in Asia, Europe and Australia with a total of 1,600 employees and manufacturing 17 million quilts and 28 million pillows annually. The group includes, among others, John Cotton Europe, with 400 employees and manufacturing 5 million quilts and 7 million pillows annually. The manufacturing takes place  in England, Poland and Bulgaria, which not only represent the very core of the company, but which are also centres of innovation.

The John Cotton Group has invested a substantial amount of €20 million over the past five years in the development of modern technology and innovative equipment. This investment has helped to establish the company as a leader in the sector.


Commitment to quality and protection of the environment

John Cotton Group believes in production based on quality and care for the environment. Products carry certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 180001, Oeko-Tex, Oeko-Tex STeP, PTCE, OEKO TEX made in green, confirming the company’s commitment to high quality and sustainability. The company collaborates exclusively with certified suppliers who provide tested materials: fibres, yarns, fabrics and packaging materials.


Technological innovation for the environment

At John Cotton Group, we develop and implement new working methods and manufacturing processes to reduce our raw material consumption and environmental footprint. Every year, 750 million plastic bottles do not reach the landfills because in one hundred percent of our products we utilise recycled plastic.

John Cotton Group operates circular practices, where the manufacturing processes are designed to generate zero waste and the packaging is made entirely with the intention of recycling. At John Cotton Europe, all the energy used in the processes comes from renewable sources – mainly hydroelectric power, and solar panels are used additionally at the factory premises. Even the residual heat generated by the machines is fully utilised to heat the warehouses, thus eliminating waste.

For John Cotton Group, caring for the environment is not just a priority, it is a mission The company uses the most up-to-date eco-friendly technologies available in the textile industry and every element of the manufacturing process is supervised by highly skilled professionals, supported by advanced automated systems. The certificates we hold provide additional confirmation of the highest quality of our products. In doing so, John Cotton Group not only creates superior products, but also ensures that it operates in harmony with the environment.


Commitment to excellence and sustainability

John Cotton Group provides its business partners with a guarantee of stability, predictability and security. The company’s mission is to actively support the businesses it works with by ensuring timely delivery, consistently high product quality and maintaining a balance between price and quality. For customers and product users, it guarantees products that combine the qualities that matter most to everyone – a healthy and successful night’s rest, the durability of duvets and pillows, and solutions to suit all budgets.

Customer satisfaction through technological innovation


John Cotton Group has the most advanced manufacturing equipment in Europe. It focuses on quality, which manifests itself in the outstanding durability of its products, achieved by means of the latest technological advances that result in practically seamless and automated manufacturing processes. It uses 3 unique and exclusive technologies to manufacture its duvets and pillows:


Smart Stitch technology – it employs ultrasonic technology in the manufacturing of quilts and pillows, thus eliminating the use of thread. This makes the products more environmentally friendly as well as using up to 40 per cent less materials than in standard bedding textiles.


Perfect Fit technology – the only technology of its kind in Europe, that enables automated sewing of the trimming, which further reduces manufacturing costs. The fully automated line manufactures duvets with 90-degree corners to fit any duvet cover.


Dreamium technology – the exceptional quality and durability of the products, which are made from certified materials, is a hallmark of this type of manufacturing. Exclusive duvets provide more warmth, up to 20 per cent more than in standard products. In addition, thanks to innovative quilting that effectively prevents deformation, it is up to 30 per cent more fluffy, while maintaining excellent durability. It is a solution specifically designed to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort with premium quality, at an affordable price.


Everyone deserves a perfect night’s sleep with the aid of advanced technology!

John Cotton Group provides its contractors and customers with products that are the result of advanced research, technological innovation and a commitment to sustainability.

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