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Product description

Products from the DUNLUPILLO FUSION line are key to a healthy night’s sleep


An important part of wellbeing is adequate sleep. A night’s rest will uplift your mood and boost your immunity. Pay attention to sleep efficiency, which you can improve by choosing the appropriate sleep accessories. Dunlopillo Fusion duvets and pillows are a guarantee of exceptional sleep quality.

Discover this exceptional quality with Dunlupillo Fusion products, which are made of 100 per cent cotton with a hydrophilic finish. This innovative fabric guarantees a pleasant and soft feel on the skin, as well as effectively regulating moisture and ensuring a peaceful and relaxing sleep throughout the night.


Fluffy and compressible filling for high sleeping comfort


Dunlopillo Fusion duvets and pillows are unique products that are 100% filled with Dunlofill® Helix fibres. It is a special blend of two types of fibre with a down-like softness and hypoallergenic properties. Their extreme lightness and excellent thermal insulation guarantee a comfortable sleep all year round. Discover a luxurious experience, similar to the touch of fine down, while enjoying the allergy-friendly properties of the duvet and pillow.


Innovation assists in daily life


Thanks to advanced Dreamium® technology, Dunlopillo Fusion pillows and duvets are sewn using a unique one-needle method, making them up to 30 per cent fluffier than the standard products. Dreamium® technology also guarantees up to 20 per cent higher thermal insulation at the same filling weight. In addition, they showcase beautiful, unique quilting, adding to their aesthetic appeal. This advanced Dreamium® technology means that Dunlopillo Fusion products not only deliver exceptional comfort, but also stand out for their durability and aesthetics. Find out how the technological innovations used in the Dunlopillo Fusion can help make your sleep a very special experience.


Easy hygiene for your comfort


Dunlupillo Fusion duvets and pillows are specially designed for those suffering from allergies. The products can be machine-washed at 60°C, which is a guarantee of easy cleaning and hygiene. The innovative approach to care makes looking after your duvet and pillow a simple part of your daily routine, enabling you to maintain your sleep environment in top condition. Washing at higher temperatures not only removes any impurities, but also eliminates microorganisms, leaving the products fresh and clean – ready to ensure a pleasant and hygienic sleep.


Dunlopillo is part of the John Cotton Group


For more than 100 years, we have been manufacturing durable and comfortable pillows and duvets which are a daily feature in the homes throughout Europe.






100% cotton percale


100% polyester




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