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  • 140x200
  • 160x200
  • 220x200

Product description

Comfort and ecology in one. Introducing the ORGANIC line from Geonox.


GEONOX’s innovative ORGANIC product line represents a harmony between exceptional sleep comfort and care for the planet. ORGANIC duvets and pillows are distinguished above all by their 100 per cent biodegradable filling, making each product not only user-friendly, but also ecologically sound.


Selecting high-quality products guarantees long-term satisfaction. This attitude also promotes a reduction in waste and strain on the environment. The covers of the duvets and pillows in the ORGANIC range are made from the highest quality percale cotton, which gives them a unique softness and ensures exceptional durability, as well as giving them a light glossy quality. In addition, the laFill Bio synthetic filling in these products is biodegradable, meaning that after approximately two years, when exposed to moisture, bacteria decompose and convert these products into carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. ORGANIC products are not only an investment in a good night’s sleep, but also in the Planet

Innovative technology Dreamium®


Temperature has a huge impact on the quality of sleep. Thanks to the use of advanced Dreamium® technology, duvets made in this way have as much as 20 percent better insulation compared to duvets made using the traditional method. Duvets that are manufactured using this technology also have 30 per cent more fluffiness. The unique quilting pattern in large squares not only lends a unique character, but also ensures that the filling does not get deformed or “bunch up”. Dreamium® provides a greater sleep comfort, so you’ll get up as refreshed as never before.


Intelligent stitching – SmartStitch technology


Supporting the ORGANIC line in terms of the manufacturing process, is the SmartStitch technology, which allows up to 40 per cent less thread to be used during the manufacturing of the duvet, while also eliminating the problem of the duvet ripping. This combination of advanced technologies means that ORGANIC products not only provide exceptional comfort, but also stand out for their durability and aesthetics, while respecting environmental concerns.

Ensure a great night’s sleep while taking care of the planet! Our innovative products, such as the ORGANIC range with biodegradable filling and innovative Dreamium® and SmartStitch technologies, will not only provide you with exceptional sleeping comfort, but also help to reduce waste and harmful environmental impact. By selecting high-quality Geonox products, you are not only investing in a healthy and restful sleep, but also promoting sustainability. Give it a try now and experience the harmony between comfort and ecology!




100% cotton with avocado treatment


100% biodegradable polyester




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